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C25k: Week 1, Day 2

Couch-2-5k: Week 1, Day 2
Robert Ullrey Podcast Week 1

Pedometer Steps: 3,594

Stats from RunKeeper:

  • Total Distance: 2.08 mi
  • Duration: 29m, 06s
  • Avg Pace: 13:59 min/mi
  • Avg Speed: 4.29 mph

I hate running in the cold…and of course this is spring in New England, so cold snaps are inevitable. Broncho-spasms are not made of win. DNL. 😦

I had to stop twice to retie my right shoe! What the hey, man?!

The new running shoes were definitely more comfortable though…it didn’t feel like I had lead weights strapped to my feet! And I added a little bit of distance, too, I noticed the intervals were falling at earlier landmarks. No side pains this time though, so that’s a plus. So this was a better run in that I went further and didn’t have the same physical barriers during the run…but the recovery immediately afterward was tougher.

Now if it only warms up and stays up…

On a side note, the neighborhood forsythias have bloomed since the last run!

Pre-Run Fuel: medium banana, Iced Oatmeal Raisin LUNA Bar

Post-Run Snack: skim double-shot latte with cinnamon, scrambled egg & baby spinach sandwich on light Italian bread with Major Grey chutney


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C25k: Week 1, Day 1

Couch-2-5k: Week 1, Day 1
Robert Ullrey Podcast Week 1

Pedometer Steps: 3,589

Stats from RunKeeper:

  • Total Distance: 2.01 mi
  • Duration: 28m,  41s
  • Avg Pace: 14:15 min/mi
  • Avg Speed: 4.21 mph

I sorely underestimated the distance on this first run. I knew that I would be roughly 25-30 minutes of walking and running — 90 second and 60 second intervals, respectively, with 5 mins of warm up and 5 mins of cool down — but I didn’t think that would equal 2 miles! I thought it would equal about a mile and a half, so I had to tack on 2 extra neighborhood blocks for my last interval and the cool down.

The first interval was tough. By the fifth interval I was feeling okay. At the sixth interval I started to feel the nagging stomach/left side pain I’ve been experiencing during runs since I was in elementary school. At the seventh interval I simultaneously wanted to throttle Mr Ullrey and bless him for being so thorough and encouraging, and at the eighth interval the thought of a shower and bowl full of eggs, cheese, and spinach & a slice of brown bread was the only thing keeping one foot in front of the other.

This gets easier, right? 😛

Pre-Run Fuel: medium banana, S’Mores LUNA Bar

Post-Run Snack: skim double-shot latte with cinnamon, Messy Microwave Omelette (1 egg + 1 egg white + 1 Laughing Cow Lite Swiss + small handful of spinach), brown bread


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