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Long Range Forecast, Jan 28-31

January 2013
28th-31st. Sharp cold front brings rain and snow showers, then clearing and cold.

January 28: Cold but not windy. Still, my ears and fingers are numb by the end of morning walk.

January 29:

January 30: It feels like it could be spring, except when a surprising gust of cold air comes around. End of day is warm-ish and humid.

January 31: Holy cow with the wind. Woke up at 3:30 to the sound of a freight train outside the window, which didn’t abate. Got up and checked the internet for possible tornado warnings — just high wind advisories. This is the same line of storms and high winds that dropped tornados across the south on the afternoon of the 30th. Checked current conditions (3:50 AM) at the Blue Hill Observatory:

Temperature: 57.8
Dew point: 56.7
Humidity: 96%
Wind gust: SSW 70 mph
Wind speed: S 43 mph (Fresh gale)
Barometer: 29.192″ (988.6 mb) Falling Rapidly

Gah. Weatherglass this morning around 8:30 AM was dribbling over. Too bad I hadn’t thought to check it while I roused the house watching The Weather Channel at 4 in the morning. We lost a bit of flashing off the roofline overnight, but it snapped itself apart with the repeated bending and landed harmlessly in the side yard. At least it didn’t go through a window, ours or the neighbors! 10:30 AM — continuing wind and rain, but blue sky can be seen in the west — and a bit of sun!


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Long Range Forecast, Jan 20-23

January 2013
20th-23rd. Heavy snow (half foot or more) for New England; lighter amounts farther south.

January 20: Wind picks up considerably around 5 PM, brutal and from the north. The forecast for late Monday is indeed hinting at snow, perhaps a lot of snow.

January 21: Warmer than usual in DC for the Inauguration but brisk in New England. Snow begins to fly around 6 PM, just as forecasts indicated.

January 22: By morning, the temperature is in the 20s but “feels like” single digits because of a persistent WNW wind. There’s about an inch of fluffy white stuff accumulated out here by the water.

January 23: Cold and getting colder. By 11:30 PM I can count all of the degrees on one hand.

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Long Range Forecast, Jan 16-19

January 2013
16th-19th. Wet, then fair and cold.

January 16: Yep, woke up to a thin layer of fluffy puffy white stuff. Amy’s beside herself with glee. It’s mostly slush with a bit of pretty snow on top.

January 17: Thick, thick frost on cars this morning, chill noontime, crisp night.

January 18: Brutal north wind! Especially in the city, where it barrels down the alleys made by skyscrapers.

January 19: Ok, it’s cold again. Stiff breeze from the north again, picking up intensity.

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Long Range Forecast, Jan 12-15

January 2013
12th-15th. Mostly fair.

January 12: Late night rain — almost all the snow is gone now, except for icy piles at street corners and lampposts. Gloom. 42 degrees at 1:30 PM.

January 13: A pleasant, mild day. Streets and sidewalks wet from a combination of rain and persistent cloud cover that prevents evaporation and obscures the sun.

January 14: 60 degrees at 2 PM. SIXTY! I have a window open! This is ridiculous. The day started out very gloomy, with low-laying cloud cover and stiff breezes from the south. Now it is blue and sunny with infrequent wispy clouds, and the birds are singing like SPRING is just around the corner.

January 15: Pleasant but chilly. Especially as sunset approached. Heard rain around midnight, there should be some snow tomorrow morning…

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Long Range Forecast, Jan 8-11

January 2013
8th-11th. Blustery and colder; snow showers.

January 8: A teeny, tiny snow shower overnight whispers away under foot during morning walk. Early AM temps in the low 30s, brisk and icy wind from the south.

January 9: I think it was not an unpleasant day, considering that I was in an office building for most of it. The early morning started off pretty cold, with fog and steam clinging low over the landscape, but the sun came out and warmed things up appreciably.

January 10: Even blusterier than yesterday. If it weren’t so windy, I think it might be a pleasant, slightly warm day. 45 degrees by noon.

January 11: What a dreary day. No sunshine, just a flat grey sky up above. Weatherglass tells me high pressure is here or coming, and the slight pressure in my sinuses agrees. 40 degrees and gloomy as all get out at 3 PM.

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Long Range Forecast: Jan 4-7

January 2013
4th-7th. Storm sweeps across Pennsylvania and New York with gusty winds and heavy precipitation.

January 4: Why does this day seem so unremarkable?

January 5: A generally pleasant day, plenty of sunshine and not too cold.

January 6: A very, very light dusting of snow sometime overnight. Where the sun hits it, it melts; where the shade remains, it turns to invisible, slippery ice. Pleasant day for errands. 40 degrees at 1 PM.

January 7: Low-mid 20s overnight. It’s cold. I mean, it could be colder, but it’s unpleasant to stand out in, and there’s ice. Walking briskly helps but is in no wise a substitute for a warm building and half a dozen fleece blankets. Late-night low cloud cover — revealed by the way that steam hangs low over the city after dark — hints at a slight rise in temperatures to come.

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Long Range Forecast, Jan 1-3

January 2013
1st-3rd. Showery, then clearing and cold. Wet for Mummers Day Parade in Philadelphia.

January 1: A pleasant day, most of which I spent curled up reading the first book of the year — Alcott’s “Little Women.” It looked comfortable in California for the Rose Parade. The snow on the back deck and driveway melts steadily in direct sun, but freezes up as soon as the sun moves on. Result: Lots of black ice.

January 2: A bit blustery but not a bad day. I’m in the office, so I’m a bit surprised every time I pass a window and see snow, like I’ve managed to forget that it was there.

January 3: There were so few degrees when I woke up this morning, that my digital outdoor thermometer didn’t want to tell me what the temperature was. It took half an hour to work up to telling me it was 7 degrees out. In reality? Taking a walk this morning was almost more bearable than taking a walk when the temp’s in the teens or twenties. Go figure. Go big, or go home.

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